With space being a scarcity, it is, of course, a good idea to utilize awkward and underused spaces in your house to the fullest. The space under your staircase is one which can consume a lot of real estate value and thus needs to be used efficiently. Here, I give you a list of creative and efficient options by which you can transform the space under your staircase to use it to the fullest.

1. Stylish & Convenient Storage

The simplest way to use the staircase is by having it used as an extra storage area. But efficiently utilizing the space can maximize the storage that can be done in there. Below are some of the coolest storage ideas to incorporate if you are looking out to carve out some extra storage room in your house.

2. Books & Reading Nook

Creating a cozy nook filled with books, comfy seating and reading lamp; is every book lover’s dream. So, why not convert it into a book nook suiting to the needs of adults as well as children?

3. Play Nooks for Children

Children love cozy and intimate spaces as their play areas, So you can try and convert the low height space underneath the staircase as a playpen or doll house for them. I’m sure they’ll love the idea of having their dedicated play area within the house.


4. Pet Pen

This approach is especially useful if you wish to contain you pet’s activity to a particular zone at times. The space under the staircase can be utilized to keep their meal bowls, sleeping baskets and toys.



5. Cycle Rack

Hanging the bikes under the staircase can save a lot of space within your house. Check out how this simple idea can make your bike a design element in your home.

6. Mini Bar

You can add and extra oomph to your home decor by converting the space under the staircase into a stylish Mini bar.

7. Pantry

Every house needs an extra pantry storage, so why not create one underneath the staircase?

8. Mini Kitchen or It’s Extention

If you are short of space then, utilize the staircase space as a mini kitchen or an extension of you existing kitchen.

9. Home Office

Who hasn’t had the dilemma of choosing a location for a functional home office? If you have a staircase in your house, then you can efficiently turn that negative space into a fully functional home office without even thinking of using some part of your other room.

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10. Command Center

Your bills, coupons, mails, reminders all require a common space at your home.  To my belief, every home needs a control center wherein all the necessary functioning of the home merges. Create a command center underneath the staircase to use it as a central command center for your home.

11. Toilet or Laundry

Although if not planned beforehand, constructing a toilet or washing area might require some major reworking. But it can be totally worth it if you are looking out for an option to do so.



12. Cloakroom

There is no need to create an extra closet for your coats and bags if you have a staircase near the main door. You can just convert the space under the staircase into a closet which can act as a cloakroom.

13. Shoe Storage

There can’t be enough shoe storage if you have many people under one roof. But if you have a staircase then you might just be lucky enough to create tons of storage for all the shoes in your house.

Bonus tip: Categorize the shoes by the individuals in the home, dedicating one drawer or rack to one person.

14. Indoor Landscape

For those who want the plants in their house can use the space to create their indoor garden. Just make sure to use plants according to the light they would be receiving.

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I’m sure these options are compelling enough for you to transform your under the staircase space to cater to your needs and enhance the value of your home.

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