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8 Easy Ideas to Give Your Small Balcony a Makeover

It’s that time of the year when you can enjoy outdoors the most.  If you do not have a garden or a backyard, or not even a terrace; you can still enjoy the outdoors by giving your humble and neglected small balcony a much-needed makeover.

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Simple Architectural Ways to Bring Outdoors to your Indoors

Doesn’t the feeling of being close to nature bring an instant feel of happiness and freshness? The smell of fresh flowers, the calmness of the greenery, the chirping of the birds and the walk on the grass – all touch our senses deeply.
If you are remodeling your space or constructing a new one, these ideas will come handy to bring your outdoors to your indoors.

(Or, if you are looking for just interior and decor modifications, check out our article here).

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How to Design a Terrace Garden?

Terrace garden series (Part II)

If you are lucky enough to have a rooftop terrace, why not make the most of it? Turning your unusable terraces into Terrace gardens can act as an extension of your homes or offices.  A terrace garden can bring you close to nature. They can be an active or passive recreational places for your family and guests.

Now that you have checked the Points to Ensure Before Designing Your Terrace Garden, it is time to start designing your terrace garden.



The first step is to finalize the layout of your terrace garden. Keep in mind the purpose for which you are designing a terrace garden. It is needless to say that,  simple layout design works best for small areas. Adding too many features or activities within a small area will not let you enjoy the terrace garden to its fullest. A simple concept sketch is all you may need to work out your terrace garden design layout.

For larger terraces gardens, try to zone various activities. Incorporate various seating areas at strategic locations on the terrace garden.  Hire a professional if required.

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