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How to give your Interiors a Tropical Decor with Relaxed Vibes

Summers are here, and for those who want to get into the tropical summer vibes, it is time to update your space. Try the following changes in combination with the perfect relaxed tropical decor for relaxed vibes.


Add Tropical Plants Indoors

Strategically placing tropical plants will instantly transform your room giving a tropical vibe. You can choose real or fake plants depending on the upkeep and the amount of sunlight your room receives. Continue reading

Easy Ways to Bring Outdoors to Your Indoors

Doesn’t the feeling of being close to nature, bring an instant sense of happiness and freshness? The fragrance of fresh flowers, the calmness of the greenery, the chirping of the birds and the walk on the grass – all touch our senses deeply.

As spring is around the corner, how about letting “in” your outdoor spaces? There can be architectural methods to do it while you are still planning your built space or renovating it. Or you can try simple interior and décor modification that can indeed bring “in” your outdoors.

Follow these tips and ideas to bring your outdoor space “indoors”.

Interior & Décor Modifications

Open up

Whether you have large windows or small ones, open them up to bring a fresh, airy feel to the whole room. This way you can appreciate the sounds and smells outside while being inside.


Continue reading

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