Everyone who lives in a city apartment can relate to living in small spaces. With rooms becoming smaller, who wouldn’t want their rooms to look bigger and more spacious? But achieving this can be challenging at times. Here I give 10 you easy, simple and efficient ways to make your room look bigger and better.

1.  Less is more

For your small space, be it your bedroom, bathroom or even a wardrobe, “Less is More” is the key mantra. Keep in mind to do away with all that is unnecessary or too many in your space. For example, consider placing just one wall art instead of a photo wall with 10 photo frames. Consider having less number of chairs in your small dining room. Minimize the number of souvenirs on display. In short, minimize the clutter in the room. This step can be intimidating for a lot of us, but trust me I emphasize on this the most, as it will instantly and with least investment enhance the look of the room. The lesser number of items in the room will make it look more organized and in turn a lot more spacious.

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Notice how minimal items are placed in the room. An appropriate amount of vacant space is left on the display shelves too.

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