Creative minds are very active all the time, which makes it difficult to concentrate on designated tasks. Random thoughts tend to populate the mind keeping it active and busy all the time. This often leads to difficulties in concentrating on assigned tasks. Many times there is a chain of thoughts that goes on in our minds. Whether it is some issue that concerns us or some sudden burst of ideas, an overactive mind drains us not just mentally but also physically. You may feel low on energy even though you do no physical work.

Signs that you have an overactive mind

  • You have a chain of thoughts always running in your mind, be it an issue or a streak of ideas or your plans.
  • You feel physically drained not by any significant physical activity but just by thinking about something.
  • You have difficulty in falling asleep at night because you have random thoughts crisscrossing your mind
  • You tend to overthink or over analyze situations some of which don’t even concern you or those which you can’t control.

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Tricks to calm down an overactive mind

  1. Divert your mind: Either by reading something or watching some something. Usually, the mind responds better to diversion when they are visual. So watch some videos or grab a magazine. This way the mind will be diverted from the active thought.
  2. Listen to some calming music.
  3. Connect with nature: Nature has a unique power to calm minds. Go for a stroll and just observe the plants around you. In a matter of no time will you realize that your mind is free from random thoughts that were cluttering your mind.
  4. Understand that you can’t always control the situation: The moment you understand this and realize that it is ok to have few things not under your control, you will be freed from many of the unnecessary thoughts that were bugging you otherwise.
  5. Meditation and Yoga: Practicing this age-old methods and techniques will gradually but surely not just leave a positive impact on your mind but also on your physical self.  Deep breathing while focussing on your breathing pattern is one way to start meditation, it will help in make you more present than being absent in your random thoughts.