Doesn’t the feeling of being close to nature, bring an instant sense of happiness and freshness? The fragrance of fresh flowers, the calmness of the greenery, the chirping of the birds and the walk on the grass – all touch our senses deeply.

As spring is around the corner, how about letting “in” your outdoor spaces? There can be architectural methods to do it while you are still planning your built space or renovating it. Or you can try simple interior and décor modification that can indeed bring “in” your outdoors.

Follow these tips and ideas to bring your outdoor space “indoors”.

Interior & Décor Modifications

Open up

Whether you have large windows or small ones, open them up to bring a fresh, airy feel to the whole room. This way you can appreciate the sounds and smells outside while being inside.


Bring in Natural Light

Let natural light flow all over your indoors spaces which would instantly make your indoors more bright and cheerful while maintaining a constant connection to your outdoors.

[Source] Double height windows to maximize outdoor view and natural light

Continue the Floor from Outside to Your Indoors

This can be an interesting way to give a notion of your outdoors penetrating indoors. You can continue the deck flooring inside or maybe continue a chunk of gravel and pebbles into your indoor space.  Adding artificial grass carpet at the outdoor-indoor junction can be a good way to camouflage the junction.

[Source] Outdoor flooring continued indoors

Outdoor flooring continued indoors with openable bifold doors

Use natural materials for flooring and walls

Incorporate natural materials like jute fiber, wood, bamboo or raw looking stone flooring which replicate nature. Natural materials instantly bring the indoors closer to nature.


[Source] Use locally avaiable stone on your walls where possible

Use locally available stone on your walls where possible

Use natural materials to accessorize your indoor space

A good way to blend in the décor is to use accessories made out of natural material. Use natural looking centerpieces and other showpieces. Use more of cotton type fabrics for your upholstery especially during summers. Pebbles, seashells, wood twigs can be used to accessorize your space.



Replicate nature

Replicate what is found in nature regarding pattern and texture. Try to incorporate a mural or wallpaper with floral motifs or hang nature-themed photos on walls.

[Source] Hand painted wall covering reminds of the sea waves

Hand painted wall covering reminds of the sea waves


Use color palette inspired by nature

You can choose to incorporate greens to replicate plants, blues to replicate the sea. Add a pop of bright color to replicate the flowers. Browns can give an earthier, woody feel to space. The idea is to evoke a sense of connection to nature and to adjoin outdoors without going overboard.






Use Natural Scents

Spray in or light up scented candles in your space. Fresh floral, fruity or woody notes can never fail to give that sense of being outdoors.

Use Natural Flowers and Plants

This is the simplest and the most efficient way to bring outdoors to your indoor space. Decorate your space with flowers for a vibrant and fresh look along with natural scents. Indoor plants are best to give a feeling of calm and rest to the space as it does to the mind outdoors.


Hope you found these ideas helpful. Try these tips in a combination to make your space more connected to nature and the outdoors. To help you further you can always use our Professional Interior Design Services