Terrace garden series (Part I)

If you are lucky enough to have a rooftop terrace, why not make the most of it? Turning your unusable terraces into Terrace gardens can act as an extension of your homes or offices.  A terrace garden can bring you close to nature. They can be an active or passive recreational places for your family and guests.

But before starting to design and build one, ensure to keep in mind the points listed below.

1. Checking your terrace’s structural stability

Before beginning any terrace garden project, it is crucial to determine the extra load that the terrace slab can take. In general cases, the terrace can easily handle extra loads of few pots and furniture. But terraces with lawns (soil infill), require special structural design. It is always advisable to consult professionals to avoid issues later on.

2. Purpose

It is important to identify the purpose for which you will be using the terrace. The purpose is also defined by the amount of space you have. Small terraces can be used for by family to relax and unwind. Larger ones can -host a gathering, turn into a playpen or can be utilized as an organic urban farm. The purpose is entirely subjective. So decide on the use of your terrace according to your need and choice.

Terrace garden 1




3. Waterproofing

As the roof is constantly exposed, waterproofing your terrace garden is important to prevent any seepage of water into the built structure. Soil filled terrace lawns require many layers of waterproofing to ensure there is no seepage. Chemical waterproofing is a good idea over traditional methods.

4. Drainage

A well-drained surface will never accumulate water and thus be of less maintenance. Make sure to provide a minimum slope of 1 in 100 towards the rainwater drainage pipes.


With these basics checked you can proceed further towards the designing part for your terrace garden.


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