Doesn’t the feeling of being close to nature bring an instant feeling of happiness and freshness? The smell of fresh flowers, the calmness of the greenery, the chirping of the birds and the walk on the grass – all touch our senses deeply.
If you are remodeling your space or constructing a new one, these ideas will come handy to bring your outdoors to your indoors.

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Architectural Ways


1. Opt for Large wall openings

Consider large windows and other openings if you enjoy being with nature or being outdoors. These can be either full height sliding windows or fixed windows which give a good view of the outside.
You can also opt for curtain glass glazing to open up your indoor area literally into an outdoor space.

Large openings make greater connection to outdoors [Source]

Large openings make greater connection to outdoors

2. Skylights

This feature can be of an added advantage to give you beautiful views of the sky while sitting right in the middle of your indoor space where a window provision may not be possible.

Kitchen desgined with a skylight [Source]

Kitchen designed with a skylight


3. Plan for Courtyard Gardens and Sit-Outs

Planning for such areas within or adjoining your space can give you extra a feeling of being within and around the outdoors. Landscape your courtyard gardens with plants and trees to give a more natural feel of outdoors. They give you an added advantage to more light and air into your indoors too.

Plan your sit-outs according to the climate of your area. You may design shaded summer sit-outs or sun basking winter sit-outs that flow into your outdoor space.

Plan for a Courtyard Garden

Extended overhanging sitout [Source]

Extended overhanging sit out

4. Plan for an Outdoor / Indoor Kitchen or Bath

Giving such provisions can make you feel more connected with outdoors and nature. You can model the kitchen to have just the  roof on top and no walls. And for the bath, have walls or partitions for privacy and no ceiling.

Trun your indoor kitchen to an outdoor Kitchen by simply opening up [Source]

Turn your indoor kitchen to an outdoor Kitchen by simply opening up

Outdoor Shower with glass celing [Source]

Outdoor Shower with glass ceiling

Hope you found these ideas helpful. Incorporate these design ideas to make your space more connected to nature and the outdoors.


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